Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wednesdays: Bible Study, Math, Science, Language Arts/Writing, Reading, P.E., Computer Time

Wednesday's Silly Second:

I have learned that it is quite helpful to wake earlier than the rest of the family, in order to get a jump on all their needs...  and tend to some of my own needs, while I'm at it.  Which is why I'm including a Mommy's Moments in each daily lesson plan, from now on.
Now, without further adu...

Mommy's Moments:
I have gotten quite behind in my listening to Beth Moore's free audio ministry Living Proof.  I suppose it's a blessing in disguise, because now, I've got something to catch up on, and will be able to listen each day (for a while, anyway).
As I do my hair, prep breakfast, or just have a cup of coffee, I'll be listening to Beth speak on ROMANS - Part IV: This Life of Contradictions, 16b (free to listen, just press play.  If you can afford it, I'm sure they'd appreciate a $2 donation, but that's up to you).

Bible Study:
This is the children's study.  In the event that I miss my Mommy's Moment (ahem, sleep in), I'll still have a little dose of the Bible, while teaching them.
God Made Adam and Eve-The Garden of Eden  Genesis 1:26-2:25; 2:8-17
The children will do their worksheets as I read to them the story (a coloring page, a maze, a fill in the blank).


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kickin' It Back into High Gear: Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I am aware that some of these lessons are repeats.  I am attempting to refocus my little ones, by reviewing.  This also takes a bit of the stress off of me in the initial scheduling and planning, so that I can simply work on running everything on time.  For the next couple of days, you may see some repeats.  I guess it's a good thing that Kindergarten is not mandatory (in homeschool), in our state.  As I've stated before, this year is our trial and error year.
And now, for the lessons!

Bible Study:
Creation:  How the World Began-Genesis 1:1-2:25
Color the Pic. and listen to the story.

Social Studies:

Language Arts/Writing:

Mail Carrier Unit Lesson 2:  Write a Letter/Draw a picture and mail it to someone (address the envelope)

We will be reading this book.

Today, I'll read it out loud, and the kids will listen.  We're going to continue reading this one (for a few days), among others, for a bit.

Mail Carrier Unit Lesson 4:  Read the poem and color the mailbox;  We'll be taping it to a large envelope, and using these envelopes (until I can get us some boxes) as mail boxes.

Computer Time:
Mimio Sprouts Mousing Around
This will be a refresher course for BabyJ.
Jr. will be playing the PBS Kids Blending Bowl Game.

We will be walking in our local mall.  I believe I'll be packing a lunch, we'll eat in the food court, and then walk for a little bit.  It will be a good way to get out of the house around people, without having to go to a crowded area...  And since we'll be walking around the central area of the mall, we (ahem, I) will not feel the temptation to spend money on things we don't need.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday, September 9, 2013

Today is BabyJ's birthday!  I just felt it deserved an individual announcement all to itself.  He's three, today.  Daddy is taking him, and his brother, for a haircut.

The party is Saturday, September, 2013.  He's so excited!  Which reminds me, I'm going to have to order the cake within the next few days!  I hope they have Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

Boy!  Is this week going to be a busy one!


No More Unschooling?

Total Unschooling, I believe, may not be for our family.  I am the type of person who likes to have a great deal of control over my life; I like to see results very quickly, not wait for them to happen some day.  I find it hard to trust that my kids will get what they need, when they need it.

I know, this goes against everything that some of you stand for.  Notice I only said it isn't right for our family.

Another thing:  My children have been begging to "do school" or "have school."  Once, after two or three days of "Are we doing school tomorrow?  Can we go to homeschool tomorrow?  I want to learn in homeschool," I finally told them I'd try to teach them about time tomorrow, if we had time (I'd already made plans to do something else).  Well, that night after we hadn't done school all day, after they'd had a very fun day of it, we were all leisurely getting ready for bed, and the question of doing school now came up.  I told them we'd have to do it another day, because it was nearly bed time.  My two boys, 3 yr. old BabyJ and 5 yr. old Jr., went from two little angels who had gotten along all day...  to two little demons who had one goal:  drive Mommy crazy.  When I asked them what the problem was, my oldest said he wanted school.

I took a few more days to get a few things together around here.  (While we were unschooling, we all ended up with a pretty rough summer cold, which set me back a bit, where housework and such is concerned.)

Today, their father has taken them to get hair cuts.  Instead of doing laundry, I will be homeschool planning, while lunch bakes in the oven.

So!  Get ready for more daily lesson plans!  I will, however, be doing things just a bit different, I'm sure you'll notice...

Here we go, back to our regularly scheduled programming.  :)


P.S.--  This does not mean that we will not Unschool at all!  Just that we will have some lessons, along with it.  I will still trust my kids to learn on their own, in some situations, and view daily activities as learning experiences.  But, isn't Unschooling about a child's desired method of learning?  If they want to do school, I should not stand in their way!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Day 3-- Wednesday, August 6, 2013

Through no one's fault but my own, I've had a terrible sunburn since Friday evening.  I spent the weekend in bed, trying not to have to get dressed or move.  When Monday came, I moved from the bed to the living room, and put something over myself so as not to scar my children for life.  Other than that, nothing.  Today, I'm working on moving around a bit more, but in small intervals, since there's less burn...  just tightness from the dry skin.

We did not do school yesterday.  Instead, they worked with their VReader and MobiGo, both of which have educational games.

Today, it has been quite informal, as well.  I allowed them to watch the Wild Kratts episode about falcons and pigeons (s1, e21), a Martha Speaks episode that teaches about vocabulary in the vet's office, and on a newspaper (s1, e23).  Also, an episode of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood which taught them that friends help each other (s1, e6).  They also played their VReader and MobiGo, and drew a great many pictures with pencils and crayons.  This covered Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, Reading, and Art.

Tomorrow, back to the new routine I was in the process of setting up for us all...

Just a reminder to myself, and any of you out there who may also be having trouble adjusting to the schedule...  It's okay to be imperfect.  It's okay to press the reset button and start over.  ;)  Our kids will be just fine.

Now, Mommy and Daddy, go learn something.

Day 7-- Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bible Study:
We will be doing the next instalment in the Calvary Curriculum series I'm using.  Genesis 1:26-2:25; Genesis 2:8-17, God Made Adam and Eve, and the Garden of Eden.
I thought this song was appropriate:  When God Made You
As usual, we'll do the worksheets after breakfast.

And Shake out our sillies to this awesome rendition...

Yep, another day of the week song.
Flash cards 1-25:  We'll go over them together.

Social Studies:
Learn about the Mail Carrier, and the Post Office.  Here is the Unit Study I am using.  I don't know Erica personally, but I love her site!
This will also cover Art, and Language Arts.  We'll be making a post office (I'll post pics and instructions/details on how we did it, once I figure it all out completely)
Computer Time:
Each child will be given a game to complete from abcya, shortly before bed time.  This cuts down on the amount of time they spend sitting in front of a screen, I believe.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Day 6--Friday, August 9, 2013

Now that we've all gotten into the habit of homeschooling, I plan to change things up just a tiny bit...  It's time I give us a little more structure, a way of doing things that will make it easier for my oldest to get his work done in a more independent manner, if the need should arise.

At breakfast time, we'll do our
Family Bible Study:
Bible Study Planet currently has a year of free sunday school lessons for ages 3-Kindergarten.  I have downloaded them all, as well as the schedule for each lesson.  We will not be starting them until August.  We'll start at the beginning of the lessons.  It should not take long for us to catch up.  At that point, I'll be doing the Bible Study Planet lessons every Monday (unless that week's lesson corresponds with a holiday that lands on a different day, in which case, I'll do the lesson on the day before that particular holiday), and I'll find lessons elsewhere for our daily studies.
The first lesson is titled Creation:  How the World Began.  It is on Genesis 1:1-2:25.  The sheets that come with the free downloadable lesson are a coloring page, a crossword puzzle (super simple, but good practice), a fill in the blank, and a page of questions.  I can SO adapt it to the "Wild Boys'" levels!

Here is a Creation Story Song I found.  I really like this!
After Breakfast, I'll play this video, and they'll take time to color the picture, fill in the crossword, and fill in the blank (while I'm cleaning up the breakfast stuff).  Then, I'll sit with everyone to ask the questions that come with the lesson.

With Bible Study out of the way, I'll gather everyone for a little silly dancing:
girl look at that...
Oh, sorry...  I was just, uh...  well, it's catchy, okay!
After listening to that song a few times (okay, maybe something like four times), we'll settle down and get ready for math.
We'll start with the days of the week, since we will have gone the entire weekend without practice.  (That's highly unlikely, since I'll be singing it when we're driving down the street...)  However, since they should be familiar with the days of the week, we'll switch songs.
We'll go through that once or twice, and I'll finish my bulletin board calendar.  They will not finish their calendars until we get to the months of the year (soon).
We will also, as a group, go over what day it is today, and what the date is.
With a snack, I'll let the kiddos watch this video.
Wild Kratts-Bat In The Brownies
While they watch the video, I'll get laundry started and such (Mondays are linens and towels, so lots of loads, very little folding), and clean a bit on other parts of the house.  When their vid. is over, I'll ask some questions, and that will be that for our science class...  Or, will it (see art for more bats).
Language Arts/Writing:
This is when we'll fill in the blank from our bible study time.  I will write the words on my paper, and allow Jr. to copy it to his own paper.  It will take a bit (he's slow, but he's as accurate as he can be).  I'll most likely have him do that in the kitchen, as I do early prep on lunch.  We'll listen to some music.
Can you dig it?
While I've got him settled and sitting at the table, I'll have him read me the other half of Go, Dog.  Go!.
Physical Education:
Free Play!!!  Yes, you know how Mommy loves free play time.

When I call everyone in for lunch, I'll call them just a bit early, in order to allow them time to color their pictures of bats, that I'll be drawing. (Pinterest has a few directions, if you do a google search...)
Computer Time:
Shortly before bedtime, I'll allow the boys to play some educational computer games.